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Try Not to Laugh: Versus
Get ready for the most unique game of 2020, combining innovation and social networking to provide a new genre of gameplay. Try Not to Laugh allows you to play with only your face! Battle against yourself or a real opponent. The first one to laugh loses! Better stay serious.

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The first Would You Rather (WYR) Social Network for iOS! Answer insanely hilarious questions with two possible answers that will blow your mind. Submit your own questions and see what the community answers. Answer and compose the most question to become First Place in the Leaderboards! The WYR app has a huge amount of questions, and more questions are added every day. Have a good laugh with this application and join the WYR community!

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MiTVRD provides you access to live Dominican channels and with a recording service of 7 days back, so you can watch your favorite shows at any time. MiTVRD broadcasts over 20 Dominican channels live and recorded one week back. If you missed a show you can always go back and watch it. The service is unlimited!
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